An incomplete story..

I pushed you quite far,

far away from me;

yet you live in my dreams..

Not that quite often as before,

but like the monsoon rain,

that shower these days..

We promised that we wouldn’t,

show up again,

as we bid farewell,

the last time we met;

but then I realized that,

actions do speak louder than words

’cause it seems like,

we show up in each other’s memories..

I don’t regret all those,

memorable moments that you gave me;

all I regret is my choice,

to live and die in your arms;

my decision to let you,

be the reason behind my,

tears of happiness and the,

cause of the scariest chaos;

the chaos in my once peaceful soul!

You were the rose in my paradise,

that left pleasant memories,

just like it’s fragrance,

and also like the thorns,

that left scars on those memories,

as we approached the deadline;

the deadline to our ‘happily-ever-after’ story..

I chase you in my dreams,

then, now and forever;

but now as I open my eyes,

I wake up to reality;

A reality where,

We” live in the pics of my photo gallery,

and what is left is just “You” and “I“..

We proved to be cowards,

in the battlefield of love,

where neither distance,

nor religion separated us;

but the four letter words,

‘Love’ and ‘Fear’ got interchanged;

the fear to hold hands together,

as we scripted a beautiful saga,

to carry with us to heaven..

You are just one call away,

and so is the DEL button,

but my heart skips a beat,

every time I hear your name,

when I haven’t seen you in so long..

At that I wonder,

have I really moved on?!

And my heart just flashes,

a pale smile..




College – An unforgettable chapter!

“Abhi padhai karo aur college mei khooob enjoy karo (Study now and enjoy later in college) !! “, “Arey yaar, dekho na college ke log kitna enjoy kar rahe haii, bas ye tuitions aur ratna khatam karna haii (Look at how the college students enjoy, all we have to do is get done with all these tutions  and the mugging up) !!”, “college mei sirf 3 cheeze chalte hai  (The only three things that run in college) – ENTERTAINMENT, ENJOYMENT and FREEDOM“, etc.; these are few common exclamations heard and told during our school days. But is college life this simple?! Read on to get a glimpse of reality. Firstly, let’s get your facts right,  “College life isn’t that sweet as it seems. It’s time to apply what you learnt in your course of English: Do not judge a book by its cover! College actually runs on 3 things: LIFE LESSONS, SELF REALIZATION and MEMORIES.

In today’s world, especially in India, college education is something that isn’t that effective (Not being a pessimist here!). It’s all about creating robots who are really great at mugging up things and passing exams using illegal methods! Is that seriously what you expect from education; to leave you so helpless that you have to eventually use shameful ways to just cope with the rest of the ‘muggers’ and create a good impression in front of others!? What are you gaining? What about the “Honesty is the best policy” part taught to you at school? Isn’t it enough of ‘just-bookish-knowledge’ we get till our higher secondary?! Don’t you expect a bit of application or a pre-experience before you enter your work-life? Well the irony is that apart from the work-related education you expect, you really do learn a lot of valuable life lessons. You grow as an individual. Those 4-5 years of college life will take you through a roller-coaster of life with so many ups and downs, people entering and leaving, etc. Few of the qualities which will definitely be noticeable:


goldfish jumping - improvement and career concept

There will be no extra tuitions for you in college. Enjoy those school tuition days. It may be tiring but when you move ahead, it’s something that definitely will make you look back for! All those munching in between the classes, ringing bells of random houses after classes, cycling or taking a ride back home where your mom awaits you with a wholesome meal ready and so on. Didn’t you just picturize it as you read through?! So, here’s to the young tots waiting to escape school and join college, I’d love to tell you that “Jee Le Apni Zindagi (Live your life)” doesn’t exactly have to wait  until you join college. All you have to do is just enjoy each and every moment that life has gifted you with, whether you are young or old and studying or working! Competition is seen everywhere just so that you get noticed or get first preferences. It is very important to know that since our colleges and society emphasize on competitive spirit, not everyone’s going to help you always, atleast not before one night (An Engineer’s study begins one night before the exam!). ‘Serve Yourself First!’ – A place on land where the Airline rule applies is definitely college!

Value of Money:

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Though it’s your parents’ money you are still spending, when you give it away with your own hand it does make a lot of difference. The reluctance to spend it even on the 45 Rs sandwich in the college canteen will be seen. End of month common phrases like “Bro, cover me for today’s dinner, I’m really tight”, “no more outings until I get cash, I’m broke!” etc. will help you set your priorities right. Common places like pani-puri and vadapav stalls, sugarcane juice counter will be your KFCs, Café Coffee Days and Baskin Robbins for few years. College definitely brings out the ‘Kanjoos’ (miser) in you! No offences to the girlfriends out there,  but it’s quite necessary to understand and accept the fact that your boyfriend hasn’t started earning for himself and he’s still depending on his parent’s cash. So, it will be quite advisable that you expect a little less than a ZARA clothing or a candle-light date at The Taj Hotel and settle for something which is inexpensive yet a precious gift and what mature people call as time! (No offences again, just a tip. Take it if you want or leave it as it is!)

True relations:

Image result for group of college students indian enjoying

Good company gives you good memories and bad ones give you regrets! Obviously you already do have a notion that it’s going to be difficult trying to make new friends or adapt to the new culture and surroundings or find your way alone without any supervision of your parents who were there to guide you until they left you here. But can you do anything about it? Are you going to run away on your first day refusing to give it a try or are you going to make your life worthwhile by connecting to a few people who sticks to you like UHU for the rest of your life (or luckily atleast till you graduate)? You’ll get to know the value of relations in this 4-5 years of college. The type of people you connect with or the right relations will reflect yourself. You’ll get to know what kind of a person you are, what’s your aim in life and what all interests you! Either you become an independent person or just a push-over. Think wisely while choosing your ‘group’ ‘cause you definitely want to complete that bucket-list of yours without any hassles or regrets!

 Power of family:

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You’ll definitely love the freedom you get in college, with no one to yell at you or restrict or keep an eye on you! You would have been waiting to run and join a hostel soon to get the luxuries you thought to enjoy. Believe me or not, atleast before your first semester break you’d be eagerly waiting to rush home from the ‘so called heaven’ that your seniors mentioned that it’d be! There will be days when you are just dying to rush home at a blink of an eye (Bhagwaan sabko ek Doraemon ka ‘anywhere door’ de dena!), crave for your mother’s hand-made food, listen to dad’s scolding just to let go of that regret building in you ’cause of some really crazy thing you did or his teddy bear hugs when you are sad, fights with siblings (Miss fighting with them for the remote) or the pampering and care from your grandparents. For a change, you’ll feel happy when they scold you. Tears of happiness will dwell in your eyes when you know that, no matter what, they are always there for you. You’ll find comfort talking to them than the friends near to you.


Image result for memories in college

First thing that flashes in your mind when you talk about college memories are those hostel days and definitely the trips or the treks you went for. How many sleep-overs have you craved for during your school days? You get it now every single night, with late-night gossip sessions (for girls) and gaming sessions (for boys), mid-night movies and crazy Birthday celebrations (with loads of free GPLs and cake smearings). The moment you enter college for your alumni meeting, it will be like entering a maze of memories. You’ll remember how you spent time with your friends under the huge tree during a sunny day, bunked classes to eat at the college canteen, punctured your professor’s vehicle (if you were the crazy lot) or rather used someone’s cycle and left it back at the same spot without the latter knowing, the lawns where you and your lover used to spend time gazing at the stars or talking about a happy future (which may or may not have continued after college), the classrooms where you would have luckily spent some good amount of time with the faculties (trying to maintain 70% attendance), the labs where you had broken something, the mess food which you somehow gulped down during your ‘broke scenes’, the security guard whistling right into your ears when you were upto some mischief and so on….

Oh well, etc. does really mean ‘end of thinking capacity’ and I’m pretty sure that especially the college lecturers are quite familiar with this term. Thanks to us students, we know we are awesome as we end most of our theoretical answers with an etc. even if it’s a single point that we mentioned! :p

P.S. No matter what you expect or regret or gain, live your college life to the fullest and enjoy while you can, for these days shall never return! YOLO! 😀

One Step makes a big difference!..

 “Once upon a time you were a little kid with big dreams that you promise you’d make real one day. Don’t disappoint yourself”. It’s all the more comforting to know that your family or your dear ones have seen you make all kinds of dream and also that phase where your ambitions kept fluctuating. They have always been there to provide you with every single support and zeal required to chase your dreams. They have cried deep within even when you were bruised slightly and their pain have been unnoticed many a times. They’ll never leave your hand however old you turn and provide continuous support in every stage of life, because to them, you are still their little kid. Your dreams are their dreams too. So, when you doubt your capability and take a step back from the challenge against your opponents in this competitive world to get a dream job, think of all those faces who have only taken steps forward just so that you never would find the need to halt to attain what you want.

Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up with goals so strong; that obstacles, failure and loss only act as motivation”. Certain people are too emotional which sequentially makes them indecisive. Sentiments and emotions somewhat gets stronger during the departure from home to a new place and it is something that gives way to a dilemma on whether the job or your family is more important. They tend to make you feel weak on your legs. All those sweet and easy-going time will revolve in your head when life throws even a small obstacle in front of you. You will begin to search for reasons just so that you could leave everything, your new job, your dreams, and so on, and rush to where your family or your loved one is. Life isn’t fair always. You will have to lose something in order to gain something. It’s just the initial phase that’s going to make you doubt your worth. If you successfully pass that phase with optimism and strive hard with determination, there are no words to measure the happiness you will experience to see your dreams actually working out.

Many a times, you tend to give up on your dreams and follow the stereotypical path your family have been treading on for ages and most common ones being that of an engineer, doctor or a teacher. The need for a change is never felt and if you are a person with no ‘ambitions’ yet, it’s all the more easy to turn into a pushover. You’ll never bother to spend time to analyse what exactly you are apt for or where exactly do you see yourself in few years. Family’s or your loved ones’ say definitely do matter a lot, but that shouldn’t make you so dependent on them that makes it impossible to take a decision to shape your future alone. With no worries you can precede, because your dear ones will definitely be there to provide constant support in every process towards your happiness and success, but it’s you who have to take the main step, a step towards your dream.  Your family should never be a hurdle. Instead they should be considered the bridge of support in your life.

Dreams are to be chased and not to let go. Hold on to your dreams. Yes, the separation from your dear ones is truly the biggest hurdle you will have to face before taking this huge step in your life. But the life after that is what you longed for and they’ll be equally happy to see you successful in a place where you were meant to be. Remember that, they are able to take care of you happily because they are doing something they love to. Do something you love, and you’ll be able to return that happiness to everyone around you. Create that magical vibe of happiness. That one step is all that makes a difference. It’s up to you to take a step back from your dream job or a step ahead to a life you yearned for! 

That Night…!

The night sky was growling and howling; showering angrily with an intend to flood the streets of the small town. Not a single existence of human could be seen on that street, and those accidentally stuck up in the middle of the whirlpool, ran to find shelter. One such person was Riya. She was on her way back from the city after a party with her friends, unaware of the whirlpool awaiting her on the other side of city; the town. As she walked down the all so familiar lane, she heard few footsteps at a distance. Following her parent’s instructions, she didn’t bother to turn around and look who it was. She tried to distract herself by pulling out her I-Pod and plugged it in, hoping her music would take her to an utopia as always. Somehow, it was not in her favor that day. The tiny magical thing was drained off its battery. She felt a chill run down her spine, when she heard the footsteps nearing at a faster pace. Her anxiety wanted her to turn, but her parent’s words rung even more loudly in her brain. As a reflex, Riya pulled her raincoat tightly around her body hoping it would save her from the group behind. In that chilly weather, she could feel sweat prickle, heartbeat pounding at a faster rate; she finally gathered the courage to look back when she heard no more footsteps. As an engine roared to start, she found herself running with all her might. Her legs gave up, when the car honked right into her ears. Suddenly, a black cloth blocked her sight and she felt herself being dragged into the vehicle. She struggled against their hold, but all efforts were in vain. She stopped, when she heard familiar laughters echo in the vehicle. As her vision was gifted back to her, she was stunned by a yell in unison, “HAPPY APRIL FOOL’s DAY” !! They had actually tried to reach her phone to inform her that they were right behind her to drop her off to her house, due to the heavy rain. In the all the more frightening scenario, she had not heard her phone ring and seeing the 15 missed calls then, she laughed at herself.
P.S. Life is too short to worry about things.. Learn to accept the humor life throws at you through special beings known as “friends” .. People are too busy worrying about ‘what could have happened if it was true’ that they forget to live the moment. Live the present, enjoy your future. Past is so called for a reason; It’s not meant to be carried on!!

Life after falling out of love..

Do we really fall “out” of love? Umm, well the answer is a no! You indeed just fall deeper and deeper “in” love.. But yea, you do learn to live without your “soul mate”, with days passing by, which is totally a different thing, yet sadly a common trend of this generation..


Drenched pillows, insomniac nights, and what all followed that day were just nightmares in short.. Lying on his mother’s lap with her gentle hands brushing his hair; nor a talk with her bestie for hours on phone could fix the damage they felt! They knew it was the end of their journey together.. Yet, their heart stayed well-connected.. They shared a common lie when they met even after years, “Yes, I’m fine ” ,though the words muffled and their eyes spoke volume.. All they longed to see was each other’s smile and they didn’t mind fighting back the stream of tears for that moment.. Priorities never changed.. They remained at the top of each other’s Facebook search list even after months, just the way they used to top each other’s chat list few years back.. Late-night surprises and wishes on birthday changed into confining themselves into their own room and numerous statuses or backspaced messages that their gadgets witnessed..

She wished for “online” to change into “typing” , each time she stalked him in WhatsApp .. Little did she realize that, the person on the other side of the screen wished for the same too.. Love never left them but ego surely did come into scene with fatal power.. She searched for him in each and every guy she encountered later.. But it was all in vain !! Her flawless smile could be only seen in his dreams and in the photos that filled his mobile gallery.. He longed to feel her soft fingers in his hand and hold her close to him and so did she wish to melt in the warmth , his arms once provided.. She knew his love was the drug she needed to cure her neurotic nights and that no psychiatrist in this world could prescribe it rightly.. So did he know that she was the reason for his existence in this unfair world.. They were two people connected by their souls, indulged in a process of helping each other grow in all aspects of life; which couldn’t be carried out by anyone else so flawlessly like they did …

She remembered those days with teary eyes,  where she secretly wished him to stay every time she said a “bye”  .. She still remembered that night where they bid farewell to each other for one last time.. She wished to be the backspace to all the frustration and depression he felt at 2 am.. Who told boys never shed tears??  Little did she know that , each time he put a smile on her face while she felt sad , he was giving away his own smile and that he slept with damp eyes on the other side of the phone.. He had always kept his word of taking care of all her problems and assuring a goodnight sleep to her..  Yes, he lied that he was fine each time she sensed a change in his tone.. But a lie to keep a person happy was not a sin, he believed..

He never fell so hard as he fell every time he saw her smile.. Since the day they stopped hearing each other’s goodnight, fitful nights of sleep had creeped in.. Each time they heard each other’s name, it felt traumatic and their heart skipped a beat.. After every fight they had had, they came a bit more closer to each other.. Every sacrifice, compromise, adjustment and the long wait to meet each other was worth it.. But now they could live together only in a parallel universe which their hearts made, led by the ever-destroying ‘egoism‘ ..

P.S. Loving oneself is obviously the utmost priority because it’s just ‘you for yourself’, at the end of the day. You come alone to this world and you leave alone. But, never forget the people who are willingly spending their time on earth, trying to live beside you. Ego, though a tiny word has the power to stab a little longer and a more meaningful word, love! Be a bigger person,skip the E and let it GO! 




‘She’ is a human too.. Hear her!

“We teach girl’s shame; close your legs, cover yourself, we make them feel as though by being born female they’re already guilty of something” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie rightly quoted! Such is the case of our society and  the world we live in. So many reformations and developments occur all around the world everyday. But one such issue that have been stagnant throughout is that of ‘changing our views related to the upbringing of our children’. Why are we so reluctant to teach our son about how he should behave with other women? Why are we still stuck with the very old statement: ‘you are a girl, it’s you who have to take care of yourself from the hungry men out there waiting to pounce on you’? Read on to find the fallacies related to this ignorance:

Amidst the village, lived a couple with their daughter and son. From their childhood itself, the father made sure that he taught his girl to dress, sit and talk properly. They were given the best education in a co-ed school. The couple never failed to educate the girl about the barbaric happenings  that took place around the world, to the same gender she shared. Now here, today’s generation will call them the ‘conservative kind of parents’. Well that maybe true! Freedom is to be given to every single human regardless of caste, creed and most importantly gender. But certainly not to a level where they exploit it because if there’s no freedom to live, then what’s the difference between a caged bird and mankind? It is right to educate or indeed warn your daughter about the monstrous people she may face in the world , but unfair when you leave your son the way he wants to live just because he is a guy and assuming that he’ll know how to manage any kind of situations. He may crib and protest when he’s put under certain restrictions telling that he knows what is right and wrong and that he does not wish to be called a ‘mama’s boy‘ or so on. If his views are accepted, then why not a girl’s?Why suppress her? What wrong did she do to face such restrictions? Just because she was born a girl? Well the couple was so concerned about their girl’s safety and preparing her for the  world, that they didn’t take time to make their son understand the way he should behave with a woman. Alas! The parents were shattered and filled with guilt when they heard the news that somewhere, somehow, someone’s daughter was abused brutally by a young man, who was none other than their son.

It shouldn’t be always about “teach your daughter..” ; instead try teaching your son how to speak to a woman too.  While restricting your daughter from wearing certain dresses and going to certain places, also teach your son how to look at and appreciate a woman. So many cases around the world, where a father rapes their newborn, a kindergarten student molesting a female friend of his, male teachers  brutally forcing themselves on a student, eve-teasing  and so on. So many stories to read about in daily newspapers but is there a stern action that we as the citizens of our country are taking? The government tries to protect such mankind from the agitated crowd fighting for their sentence. Why? What about the pain and terror that the innocent soul went through? Why is the plead and cry of a girl unnoticed? A small step taken in your home can lead to miracles. Teach your son how to respect woman not because his mother or sister or their loved ones belong to that category, but just because women are also people .  “You are not just raising your son.. You are raising somebody’s husband and somebody’s father. Raise him well! “


College days- nostalgia ..

Two years since the end of college. Everyone parted their ways. Books filled with autographs and signed white tees were just memories, which hid quite well in the bookshelves and the wardrobes, among tons of other clothes. Promises to stay in touch, the “I am gonna miss you”-s, “I have no clue how we are gonna stay apart for so long”-s ; were just broken promises and words safe within the four walls of the college campus and its buildings, uttered just to be mocked by the latter every year. Names were seen in Facebook friend list and not in “dialed numbers”, or saved in contacts with nicknames they shared until they forget who it belonged to. Between words unspoken and those that came out as sharp swords, lied perfectly hidden feelings. Between lovers who had to part ways and those who never confessed their feelings; were built in regrets and sorrows. Time spend together enjoying, travelling and celebrating were just photographs in the album.
No one can control time and same is the case with us. Time keeps moving and so do we have to. Ever wished for a time machine?? Hahaha, those are just pipe dreams which pops in our mind when we wish to escape reality – the “hectic” life we live after those bubbly moments that we’d always cherish, or in short “our teenage life”. Time doesn’t wait for anyone, and so is there no point in waiting for a time machine to be invented. “Live the present, cherish the past, change your future and create your own adorable merry land” . ❤